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Biometric Attendance System
Africa is gradually becoming a part of the information age that has swept over this generation. Today, many institutions have come to understand the advantages of automating or computerising many, especially repetitive, daily activities of business. It is a commonplace occurrence that some employees do not report to work on time. A lot of valuable time is lost in the process and this leads to reduced output for the whole business entity. Employees are paid for hours they have not worked and the business throughput is not congruent with the input made in employee salaries and allowances.

Log or attendance books, direct personnel supervision and other methods have been adopted at various levels in a bid to nip this in the bud. Despite the modest gains, this paper-based system is still fraught with problems. Employees are thus paid for hours they did not work.

A solution is thus needed that eliminates the possibility of fraudulent activities and guarantees that the information gathered relating to employee attendance will be a true reflection of what transpired. Working closely with the management and staff at your institution, SOLVEiT will develop a biometric attendance system that is tailored to your specific needs.

The Biometric Attendance System has the following features:
  • Employee attendance logging using a combination of smartcard and fingerprint.
  • Administrator log in to view data but not to change it.
  • Reports by employee groups, class, absentees, etc to aid in management decisions
  • Management of absentees,employee leave and overtime.
  • Duty Rota.

  • Features of the Biometric attendance device include:
  • Optical Fingerprint Scanner
  • Up to 50,000 Fingerprint templates (1: N) and 800,000 records.
  • Optional integrated proximity or smart card reader.
  • PIN pad.
  • TCP/IP enabled.
  • Optional 3G/GPRS connectivity
  • Multimedia 3.5’’ TFT screen.
  • Built-in backup battery.
  • Built-in USB port allows for manual data transfer when network isn’t available.
  • Audio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingers.
  • Online/Offline operation.
  • Auto Data Synchronization to any ODBC complaint data store.
  • Quickly and easily Add, Disable, Enable, or Delete users

  • Biometric Attendance device form factors:
  • Wallmounted
  • Handheld

  • Biometric Attendance System connectivity options :
  • Ethernet(LAN/WAN)
  • GPRS/3G
  • USB

  • Sample Reports
  • Employee Timesheet without Overtime pdf
  • Employee Timesheet with Overtime pdf
  • Attendance Report pdf
  • Lateness Report pdf
  • Absentee Report pdf
  • Duty Rota pdf